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The American Anti-War Anti-Semites

by Staff Writer

In light of the latest national security level upgrade concerning the impending risk of terrorist bombings and use of chemical and biological weapons, hotels and residential buildings are being considered prime A1-Qaeda targets along with facilities which house high-risk groups (such as Jewish Synagogues, Temples, schools and organizations). There are several ways, outlined below, that building owners and/or managers can limit their risk and best protect their residents should an attack on their property actually take place.

According to Rabbi Michael Lerner, a fighter for justice, peace and 'Tikkun Olan,' a preacher to Israel, an American post-Zionist, there is a new tribe of anti-Semites: anti-war ones! Recently, he published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal under the title Pro-war Anti-Semites. It is a contribution to the world of classical anti-Semitism. Rabbi Lerner, editor of 'Tikkun, a progressive liberal, crossed red lines in his criticism of Israel. Since we learn that anti-Semites hide behind anti-Israeli propaganda, in my mind, Rabbi Lerner, at least indirectly, helps these anti-Semites. He is not a 'Kappo,' he is not a self-hating Jew. He simply fights the evil by the wrong means and in the wrong places.

At least, Israeli 'Peace Now' advocates will be victims of their mistakes, it is a matter of responsibility! In an op-ed article which was published recently in The Wall Street Journal, Rabbi Lerner explained that the organizers in the February 15, 2003 anti-war rally refused to let him speak arguing that he is a pro-Israeli advocate! The left organizer, A.N.S.W.E.R, boycotted Rabbi Lerner!

This is the irony of history. This rabbi ignores the lesson of history: The anti-Semites, the enemies of the Jewish people or Israel, will murder or attack Jews because they are Jews: Hasidic, Orthodox, Secular, Israelis, vegetarians, humanists, altruist, and converts, all of them will be targeted by pogroms, massacre wars or will end their life in slaughter houses (and Europe, 'peace lovers', will pour to the street to save us...). Of course, if we will lose our survivor defense mechanism. Rabbi Lerner still discusses his relation with the peace lovers. He believes that only some of them are anti-Semites. The majority he believes love him as a true comrade, a fighter for peace. He ignores the hypocrisy of these peace lovers. He ignores their selective agenda, their hate of Israel and their anti-Americanism victims of French militant Muslim's propaganda. These protesters did not protest against Iraq, against Saddam Hussein! But they certainly support a Palestinian state on the ruins of Israel! They are also a tool of the Arab-American lobby and its advocates which suddenly turned out to be speakers for the peace movement. The organizers let pro-Muslim, pro-Iraqi advocates speak in their name because they, the peace lovers, are an anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic kind of movement! These peace lovers are not ashamed to antagonize the government, the Congress which supports President Bush's policy toward Saddam Hussein, after the terrible lesson of 9/11! These protesters already forgot 9/11 and ignore the new realities of our 21st century: The western civilization is under attack, not just America!

There is also the issue of timing: Majority of the peace lovers in Europe are anti-Americans. They just try to use Bush's 'war mongering' as a means to spread their anti-American propaganda. Their goal is to shrink America's power. Their goal is to scare America's friends in Europe. And France, 'Le Grande Nacion,' is behind this goal.

Rabbi Lerner must re-think his agenda, re-evaluate his 'friends.' And one must always relate to the timing aspect of events, before he attacks Israel in public!

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