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Suicidal Palestinian Art Exhibit

A Palestinian art exhibit in Nablus, sponsored by Hamas, recreates the Palestinian suicide bombing attack on the Sbarro Pizzeria in Jerusalem which killed 15 Israelis, 7 of whom were children, YEDIOT AHARONOT ON-LINE reported.

The entrance to the exhibit is decorated with Sbarro banners. As part of the exhibit, the visitors witness a simulation of the bombing, complete with pizza slices and faux body parts. The visitors can also view replicas of Palestinian suicide bombers holding Korans in their hands. Upon exiting the exhibit, visitors are confronted with an image of an Orthodox Jew hiding behind a rock. A tape recorder plays a message that says, "O believer! There is a Jew hiding behind me! Come and kill him!" A 19-year old Palestinian student who visited the exhibit recently said, "This reflects our reality well, I am very happy to see it."

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