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by Gad Nahshon

Shinui (English: Change) is a small party in the Knesset. Its trademark is combating religious oppression and fanaticism in Israel. Its second trademark is its founder-leader Yoseph Lapid, an ex-media star, an ex-editor of MA'ARIV. It is a party of radical liberalism: 'save Israel from the Orthodox domination' but on external issues the party is on the right in the Israeli National camp. One can learn about the party's ideology from its house newsletter: The Change. The cover story is: 'Fanaticism: A Threat From the Outside and From Within.'

The writer, Yoseph Lapid, explained: "There are fanatic powers in Israel which in the name of our God try to dismantle our progress, our liberalism." I guess Lapid (nickname: Tomy) means the power of Shas to blackmail Sharon, to get more money. Also, the party fights against religious oriented laws which come from the Shas' Ministers in the government.

Conclusion: There is Muslim fanaticism, there is Israeli religious fanaticism. There is a cultural war going on. We must defend our liberal-democratic civilization. Fanaticism? For example, the 'enemy' tried to dismantle the aliyah from Russia because the Olim from there are not Jewish... The result: Jews immigrate to other countries when Israel is dying for Olim to challenge the 'demographic war' with the Arabs.

Another example: There are 300,000 ultra-Orthodox students. They do not serve in the army. They declare themselves to be students of Yeshivot. The Israeli taxpayer covers their costs. They get married and have 8 children. The taxpayer covers the costs of these children. The bottom line: This is a potential for non-stop political growth of power.

Shinui fights against this reality. Many Israelis express criticism of this reality. Israel in the 21st century: The rise of the religious and the ultra religious camp. It is a fact.

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