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Scholarship money for Israel programs can be found, all you need is a bit of creativity and persistence. The following are potential sources of funding through both local and national agencies. Remember: no amount of money is insignificant. You might be able to gather small amounts from various sources which together can add up to a nice- sized subsidy. A few words to the wise: Start looking early and be wary of deadlines.

Good luck!

Local Sources:

  1. Contact the program to which you are applying. Very often they have some scholarships or financial aid for their own participants.

  2. Contact the UJA Federation both in your home town and in the community where you go to school. Many Federations have scholarship programs already, and many more are in the process of developing them. If you need the phone number or address of your Federation, contact USD at 1-800-27-ISRAEL.

  3. Contact your local synagogue. Some synagogues have scholarship funds, others will make an effort to locate money (from the Rabbi's discretionary fund or another sources) in order to help their young members go to Israel.

  4. Contact the Hillel on your campus. If the Hillel itself does not have funds, they might be able to direct you to other local or campus resources.

  5. Contact the Study Abroad Office on your campus for information on both campus and national scholarships for study abroad.

  6. Contact the Judaic Studies Department and the department of your major

National Sources:

  1. The American Jewish League for Israel - University Scholarship Fund
    Stipends of varying amounts are available for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students planning to spend one year of academic study at Bar Ilan University, Ben Gurion University, Haifa University, Hebrew University, the Technion, Tel Aviv University, or the Weitzman Institute of Science or to participate in the Sherut La'am one year program. Awards are based on merit rather than solely on need. Applications are available from:

    The American Jewish League for Israel
    130 E. 59th Street, 14th Floor
    New York, NY 10022
    Fax: (212)371-3265

  2. Hillel Leadership Scholarship Program
    This scholarship is available to undergraduate students who are active in Jewish programming on campus. Scholarships of $1,000 are available for between 10 and 15 students attending Hebrew University and 5 students attending Ben Gurion University. In Israel, recipients will participate in a creative leadership program of workshops, field trips, and individual projects and discussions. Upon their return, recipients commit to be involved with their home campus' Hillel Foundation in developing Israel programming. This scholarship is co-sponsored by USD/AZYF. Deadline: March 15. Application are available from USD or from:

    Linda Mann
    B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation
    1640 Rhode Island Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20036
    (202)857-6559 or Imann@hillel. org

  3. The Institute of International Education - National Security Education Program
    The NSEP is a new initiative which provides scholarship assistance to US undergraduate and graduate students to study abroad in areas outside of Western Europe and Canada. Applications are available from:

    NSEP - Institute of International Education
    1400 K Street, NY
    Suite 650
    Washington, DC 20005-2403

  4. The Israel Aliyah Program Center and the USD/AZYF Zionist Essay Contest
    The IAPC and USD will be holding their second annual Zionist Essay Contest this year. First prize is a round trip ticket from JFK to Tel Aviv on EL AL Israel Airlines. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. The essay question will be available in November, and submissions will be due February 15. For more information, contact:

    USD or The Israel Aliya Program Center
    110 E. 59th Street, 3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10022

  5. The Dorot Fellowship in Israel
    This one year fellowship for Jewish leaders combines part- time Jewish studies and an internship in a field of the fellow's choice. Selection is based on merit. Candidates must be college graduates who demonstrate high academic achievement, commitment to public service, enthusiasm for exploring their Jewish heritage, and the motivation and personal skills needed for leadership. Awards of up to $13,000 are determined according to need, and help cover travel, tuition, and living expenses. Application deadline is February 1. Requests for application should be sent in writing to:

    The Dorot Fellowship in Israel
    Dorot Foundation
    3 Manhattanville Rd.
    Purchase, NY 10577

  6. Fullbright Grants for Graduate Study and Research Abroad
    Grants are available for US graduate students who wish to study and/or do research at any of the 7 Israeli Universities. These grants generally provide round-trip transportation, language courses, tuition, book and research allowances, health insurance, and living expenses. For an application, contact:

    The Institute of International Education
    809 United Nations Plaza
    New York, NY 10017

  7. Michael Schwerner Activist Awards
    This award is for full time undergraduate students who are working to promote positive solutions for social change on their campus, in the local community or in a manner that addresses societal problems including human rights, environmentalism, social and economic justice, racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia and similar issues. Five awards of $1,000 are presented annually. For nomination forms, contact:

    The Gleitsman Foundation
    PO Box 6888
    Malibu, CA 90264

Regional Scholarships:

  1. New York
    UJA-Federation in New York has allocated money for free plane tickets to Israel for students who have never been to Israel before. They must be attending school in New York or be residents of New York. This program starts in June 1995 and the students must be attending what they have deemed an accredited program.

    Jennifer Rubin - Israelbreak - (212)696-1590
    Grant Opportunities
    Student Initiative Committee

  2. Introduction

    The Student Initiatives Committee exists to support and stimulate projects that are originated by students. The committee will fund projects that engender vibrant Jewish life on campus. Grants will be allocated for an array of quality projects that represent a diversity of campuses. It is the intent of the committee to empower students through funding opportunities and program guidance.

  3. Criteria

    Proposals must be initiated, written and developed by students. Grants are awarded for campus-wide, regional and national projects. Both one-time and ongoing projects will be considered.

  4. Funding

    Funding is available up to $1,000. Proposals must specify the desired amount of funding up to $1,000.

  5. Deadline

    The next round of grant allocations will be held in January.

  6. Allocations Procedure

    A Student Selection Committee comprised of Jewish campus leaders from around the country will award the grants. Upon the Committee's approval of the proposal, half of the allocated funds will be awarded immediately. The remaining funds will be awarded following the completion of the project and the return of the Grant Evaluation Report. All flyers, newspaper articles, brochures and other publicity must accompany the Report and must visibly state that the project is funded by the Student Initiatives Committee of Hillel. The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life.

Attach Additional Pages that Explain the Following:

  1. A brief description/ overview of the project (not to exceed 50 words)

  2. Objectives and goals of project (please list)

  3. Target Population you wish to reach

  4. Method statement. Outline your plan of action. Indicate how project will be implemented; co-sponsoring campus and community organizations; deadline dates for stages in planning, promoting, completing and evaluating the project, not to exceed one page.

  5. Itemized budget that lists each anticipated expense on a separate line. Expenses may include honoraria, travel fees, room rentals, refreshments, publicity, materials and all other anticipated expenditures. Also indicate additional sources of funding such as student government, local Hillel, other grants or participant fees. You must specify the desired amount of funding from the Committee.

  6. Please include any relevant materials that may support your request.

Applications Must be Typed and Sent to:

The Student Initiatives Committee
Hillel International Center
1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036

Please submit fifteen copies of each proposal. Applications by FAX will not be accepted.

Please Read:

I accept accountability for this grant. I understand that the full grant allocation will be awarded upon completion of the funded project and receipt of the Grant Evaluation Report and publicity materials by the Hillel International Center. I understand that all publicity must visibly state that the project was funded by the Student Initiatives Committee of Hillel the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life.

Signature of Student Submitting Proposal


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