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Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel

You're probably wondering why a famous comedian like Robert Klein would write to you on behalf of Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel (SCMCI). There is a very simple answer.

When you help SCMCI, you - like him - are also in the business of making people smile.

I'm passing Robert's appeal along to you because you have been a partner in an enterprise to bring smiles to literally thousands of children - their parents and grandparents as well - who have been treated at this extraordinary facility in Petach Tikva.

To medical professionals, SCMCI is a world-renowned pediatric facility where kids from the Middle East and beyond receive the most sophisticated care, including organ transplants, bone marrow transplants and every other known medical treatment.

But for the kids, SCMCI is so much more than a hospital. At this facility, smiles are just as important a part of the medical regimen as surgery. The hospital is bathed in bright colors, staffed by caring professionals - designed right down to the last detail to give children comfort and warmth during their most trying times.

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