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Salute to Israel Parade on Sunday, May 20th

by Staff Reporter

The Salute to Israel Parade this year will be launched on Sunday, May 20, 201, Fifth Avenue. It is a project of the Israel Tribute Committee, Inc., a non-profit organization whose president is Judy Kaufthal (212-245-8200, ext. 106). The committee is looking for your support and donations as well.

This year, regrettably, Israel is suffering serious turmoil and aggression from external forces. These events demand that this year's parade transcend our usual pride and concern. The 2001 Salute to Israel parade must be a powerful statement of our American community's strength and steadfastness. Now, more than ever, we must use the Parade to display our passion and our solidarity for all the world to see.

This project is a success only because of the dedication of few volunteers and a small office. It will be covered by NBC in a 2 hour special. Ruth Kastner, the project devoted-dedicated, executive-director, told us that many Jewish organizations, such as J.N.F. and Hadassah and, of course the Israeli government, support this parade. Indeed, Israel needs American Jewish solidarity today.

Alan King will be the Marshal of this parade.

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