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Rosenbaum Family - "Investigate Sharpton"

By Hy Drusin

Mr. Isaac Abraham, a spokesman for Rosenbaum family, who has worked to obtain justice for Yankel Rosenbaum [murdered during the 1991 Crown Heights riots in which rampaging blacks attacked Hasidic Jews], issued the following statement urging a full federal investigation of the role of Al Sharpton in the massacre at Freddy's clothing store in Harlem:

"This time the Rev. Al Sharpton is caught on tape spreading hate against Jews and whites. In Crown Heights, Sharpton did his share in inciting the riots but former Police Commissioner Lee Brown only said 'Sharpton came close to the line of inciting but did not actually cross it' and did nothing.

That is why we support the Jewish Action Alliance's demand that a full federal investigation of Al Sharpton's role in the Harlem Massacre be instituted full speed ahead and with all recourse, in contrast to the slow process that the Justice Department has taken on the Crown Heights riots and the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum."

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