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Rep. Paul Refuses to Condemn Terrorist Bombing in Israel

Jerusalem, Israel -- Showing a complete disregard for the families victimized by the recent terrorist attack in Israel, Rep. Ron Paul was the only Congressman to oppose and otherwise unanimous resolution to condemn two terrorist bombings.

Paul was the lone dissenter when the House of Representatives adopted a resolution to condemn the tragic bombing that killed 13 people and wounded 170 others in Israel.

"It is difficult to imagine why any rational person would oppose a resolution to condemn this deliberate act of terrorism," said Rep. Martin Frost (D-TX), DCCC Chairman in a statement while traveling in Israel. "Only Ron Paul would ignore the opportunity to send a loud and clear message to terrorists that Americans will not support efforts to thwart the Middle East process."

"Bucking a bi-partisan effort to help promote peace and oppose violence against innocent victims is another example of Ron Paul's extreme ideology," said Frost. "Paul's vote is an insult and puts him at odds with every other Republican and Democratic House member working to stop acts of violence."

The current resolution passed the House of Representatives 427-1.

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