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"Rabbi Weiss Protest at the Hague"

The Coalition for Jewish Concerns will lead a delegation at the Hague to protest the International Court of Justice (IJC) hearing on Israel's security fence.

Israel is building the security fence to keep out Palestinian homicide bombers who have already killed more than 900 Israeli men, women and children over the past three years. A small group of protesters is expected to arrive with signs reading "Shame on the ICJ," and "Let Israel Defend Itself." The group will also hold Israeli flags and a coffin, symbolizing the death that Palestinian terrorism has inflicted on Israeli society and which the fence seeks to defend against.

"We intend on raising a voice of moral consciousness to speak out against the Hague's injustice. Not only is Israel on the front lines in the war on terror, but now the ICJ is saying that Israel cannot protect its civilians as it sees fit," said Rabbi Weiss. "The hypocrisy of both the UN and the ICJ is deplorable, but sadly predictable. It would be more appropriate for the Court to be called the International Court of Injustice." On February 25, 2004, Amcha also demonstrated against The Passion (Mel Gibson). "Throughout history, Passion plays have had disastrous consequences for Jews," said Rabbi Avi Weiss, President of Amcha. "We will not remain quiet as Mel Gibson poisons the minds of Christians throughout the world."

The movie was prescreened to select audiences before its releases. Jewish leaders were, by and large, prevented from seeing the film. "Mel Gibson claims the movie is not anti-Semitic," said Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, Vice President of Amcha. "If that's the case, then why has he prevented Jewish leaders from seeing the movie?"

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