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Olmert Hosts Orthodox Church Leaders

Head of the Greek Orthodox Church Patriarch Bartholomew I praised on Wednesday the manner in which Israel protects all of its holy sites, adding that he is confident that the status of his church will be duly respected in any future peace agreement, Israel Radio, KOL ISRAEL, reported.

According to HA'ARETZ, Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert hosted the heads of Orthodox churches of Greece, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Serbia in the capital on Wednesday to mark the celebration of Christmas in the Christian Orthodox community.

"This is the first time all heads of the churches have gathered together in Jerusalem under the auspices of the mayor, and that sends a political message," Olmert said. "There is no doubt that the freedom of worship and religion given to all the churches in Jerusalem over the last 30 years acts as a basis for the church heads' recognition that Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem enables freedom of worship now and in the future."

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