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Message to People Who Suffer From Joint Disease Problem

One injection might solve the problems of 70% of all people who are suffering from joint disease problems. In this country it might solutions to millions of people, most of whom are female or elderly. The injection would replace operations, we well as orthopedic treatments.

What is the new secret of Bnai Zion? Dr. Michael Rosenbaum explained: "We simply inject here a new drug called OSMIC ACID. Also, we use steroids. It is a 15 minute treatment. Of course there are more treatments of this specific problem." But according to the new experience in Dr. Rosenbaum's Department: "The chances of curing the sick people during two years of this new treatment is 70%," said Dr. Rosenbaum. It is certainly a new hope for millions of people who suffer from joint diseases all over the world.

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