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Magan League: Stop Stealing Jews

In 2000, Magen League began its counter-missionary activity in the FSU, and a year later it was officially registered as an independent non-profit organization in Russia. Co-founded by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, it serves as a catalyst and a resource center for Jewish communities and organizations as they battle for Jewish souls.

Wherever missionaries target Jews, the Magen League comes to the rescue. The Magen League monitors messianic activity throughout the FSU, exposing the missionaries' deceptive tactics. Presently, Magen League chapters exist in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, as well as in Ukraine and Moldova. Chapters are expected to open soon in Kazakhstan, Latvia and Belarus, and a website has been planned. Many other communities have expressed interest in starting chapters.

At Magen League events, young and old, observant and non-observant, religious and secular, rabbis and lay people work and learn together. Magen League conducts information campaigns at the sights of major events sponsored by the missionaries. They've also held press conferences and published numerous articles in the Jewish and secular media.

Magen League has definitely had an impact. In July 2001, The Messianic magazine Charisma wrote, "Since 1990 [messianic activity] went freely and unrestrained in Russia and Ukraine. Now it is facing a fierce and well-organized resistance."

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