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Los Angeles Jews Salute Israel

by Gad Nahshon

We know that the Jews of New York salute Israel at least once a year but we must point out that the Jews of Los Angeles are dedicated to the future of a strong, successful Israel, not less than the Big Apple's Jewry. The personality who gives them the opportunity to express their devotion to Israel is the famous media veteran: Phil Blazer (Blazer Communications). His empire has Jewish News (three editions), Radio (KIEV-870AM- California), Television (KSCI-TV and WMBC-TV) and more. Blazer also expresses his love for Israel by organizing many events in which famous celebrity artists and entertainers perform with love for Israel and its people. His concerts turned out to be an institution in California. Of course, how can you bring the message of Israel without the performing of Israel's "Ambassador of Song," Ron Elirah.

The last breathtaking spectacular Phil Blazer event was "Israel 2000 Musical Gala" which took place recently at the Los Angeles Greek Theater. It was a night of stars who managed to express the message of Israel as a Jewish state. Among the stars were the legendary Lionel Hampton, Steve Allen, Johnny Yune, Roslyn Kind, Svetlana, and the Artist Remedy of Wa-Tang wrote and performed his piece: "Never Again." The famous actor, Maximillian Schell, introduced the message of Zionism by performing "Theodor Herzel Reading." All the artists, actors and performers filled the Hall with the message of people such as Hannah Senesch and with the best of Israel's musical heritage from Hava Nagila, to "Jerusalem of Gold" or "Hand in Hand."

Together with the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony, the participants of this gala prayed for peace and sang "Shir L'shalom" ("A Song for Peace"). But they also enjoyed, again the unique performance of Ron Eliran, who introduced the best of Israel's songs. Eliran, a legendary Israeli singer, has been an institution in the history of Israel's popular world of music and songs. Eliran, today, an international singer, performer and entertainer, represents the fact that Israel has an authentic musical message which represents the Israel "sabra culture" at its best. Eliran expresses the unique soul of a young Israel, its spirit of joy and hope of a people who lost their freedom and regained it. Israel is the epitome of "Never Again" and Eliran admirers know that he radiates this notion through his songs and singing as well. Therefore, he is Israel's Ambassador of Song." Eliran, whose agency is "Vagabond Production" (212-888-6898) is continually busy. He was born in Haifa, Israel and won many awards throughout his career (Violin of David Award). One of his many songs, which is internationally acclaimed, is the song "Sharam El- Shlikh" (1967).

Eliran is also known as a composer and lyricist as well. He has a unique sense of humor and a love for culture and literature.

Eliran has toured extensively throughout the world, performing in a variety of languages. Most recently he was a guest performer at the "Budapest Festival of Freedom" where his original composition became the Festival's official song. Eliran also wrote both lyrics and music for the Broadway hit show "Don't Step on My Olive Branch," and for the widely acclaimed show "Nightsong," in both of which he starred.

Eliran captured audiences on Israeli and American TV as well as in live performances in New York's Carnegie Hall, in Washington's Kennedy Center, in London's Albert Hall, in Montreal's Place des Arts and in Los Angeles' Music Center.

In the wake of Prime Minister Yitzkah Rabin's assassination, Eliran, together with Gad Yaccoby, then Israel's U.N. Ambassador, wrote a song about the late Prime Minister's life. Eliran performed his poignant song in front of a crowd of 200,000 people at "Rabin Square" in Tel Aviv as part of a live nationally televised tribute for the fallen leader.

On August 31, 1997, Eliran performed in Basel, Switzerland, at the Centennial celebration of the First Zionist Congress. His performance took place in the same hall where Theodor Herzl first prophesied the birth of the Jewish State exactly 100 years ago. Eliran sang with the Basel Symphony Orchestra a song he wrote named "If you will it. . ." about Herzl and the Zionist saga.

Whether in an intimate club or in a big hall like Madison Square Garden, Ron Eliran is a distinctive voice who brings his people's roots to life with love, nostalgia, humor and showmanship.

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