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"Long Way Home"

By: Gad Nahshon

The "Long Way Home" is a new and unique documentary film which will be screened in September (New York, Angelika, The Quad). This film was already described by the New York Times, for example, as "a staggeringly powerful Holocaust documentary." This film is unique because it challenged the issue of those Holocaust survivors who after their liberation from their death camps from the Nazi inferno became displaced people. For these victims of the Holocaust it was a new period of survival at least until 1948. Often their liberators behaved with cruelty and expressed indifference to their plight and trauma.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Moriah Films Division and the famous Rabbi Marvin Hier together with Richard Trank, decided to produce the "Long Way Home" in order to document this kind of Jewish heroism in 1945-1948. In order to produce this film (119 minutes), they turned to the famous Mark Jonathan Harris who wrote and directed the film, to Morgan Freeman (narrator), to Lee Holdridge (music), to Kate Amend (editing), and to many other famous professionals in their fields such as Edward Asner, Martin Landau, Michael York and Don Lenzer. Also, Seventh Art for releasing the film and Amy Willard of Clein and White, Inc. (L.A., New York), for the public relations job.

Although there are many films about the Holocaust, Nazism, or about concentration camps, although there are many films about the life and fate of the Holocaust survivors, one cannot find films about the displaced people. So this film is an important contribution to the rise of the Holocaust conscience in America.

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