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Kanan Abramson's Red Dollar

By: Gad Nahshon

Jewish Post's art director (print edition), Kanan Abramson turned into a well known celebrity in Israel upon the publishing of the Hebrew version of his novel, Red Dollar, a romantic suspense-thriller. The book deals with the struggle of the new wave of international terror.

Red Dollar is a new Israeli bestseller. It is Abramson's first book. It was printed and published last August by the prestigious Keter of Jerusalem, Israel's leading publisher.

Abramson is a man of all seasons: an artist, a former renowned Israeli basketball player with the Maccabee club of Ramat Gan, and a writer with an enormous international experience. Unlike most authors, he has recruited his artistic talents and designed the powerful cover of his own book.

Kanan's parents immigrated from Lithuania to Israel in 1935 and he was born in Ramat Gan. Today, he resides in New York, shuttling between the two countries up to eight times a year.

The book, Red Dollar was already praised by the Israeli media and the Hebrew media in the USA. Maariv's Style Magazine published last month an interview by Debora Shapira and the famous media celebrity Dalya Yairi praised Red Dollar on Israel's major national radio station, Kol Israel.

It should also be noted that the book raised excitement among the more than 500,000 Israelis residing in this country. Indeed, Red Dollar describes events, scenes and characters who can define the Israeli-Americans.

As to the American readership, Abramson notified us that an English version of Red Dollar will hit the American bookstores within a few months. One can assume that this fiction would be a bestseller also in this country, because of its links to the recent battle against the international terror.

In Red Dollar, published way before the events in Afghanistan and Nairobi, an imaginative African state harbors many terrorists and the Israeli hero encounters their international activities and presence in that country.

"I decided to write my first novel and become an author around twelve years ago, as a result of a personal tragedy. It was the loss of a most beloved woman. Therefore, the reader can notice my hero communicating with his loved one in the spiritual world," says Abramson. "Yet, it is not an autobiography, though I used personal experiences for parts of the story."

The hero and leading character in Red Dollar, Ron Almarom, a former general in the IDF, is the undercover commander of an international police agency. He maintains deep contacts within the Mossad. His cover is acting as an international art dealer and the nature of his activities in the book is to combat international terrorism.

Ron's adventures result, of course, in an encounter with a new love in his life, a gorgeous American flight attendant, and the love scenes between the two add a sensual flair to the plot.

The peak of the story lays in a horrifying chase after a lost master art piece, conducted by both Ron and a terror organization, whose members are trying to lay a hand on it at the same time. A bloodied battle is inevitable.

Almarom is also leading in the book an operation to rescue hostages from their captivity in the hands of a dangerous drug cartel in Colombia, and much, much more.

Since the arrival of his book in the USA, in the beginning of this month, Kanan has been invited by Israeli and Jewish communities and organizations around the country, to promote the book and talk about a published Israeli author residing in America. "I am looking forward to become the first Israeli-born American-published author," says Kanan.

Kanan Abramson is understandably proud of his creation. And so are we, the family of the Jewish Post, who have enjoyed the benefits of his talent over the years.

The book (in Hebrew) is available in the USA for $19.95. To order your autographed copy, please make a check or money order to KolorMedia of NY (add Shipping/Handling $3.50 within USA/Canada), and mail to:

KolorMedia of NY, Inc.
83-10 Chevy Chase St. #1010
Jamaica Estates, NY 11432

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