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Jews Inside Ethnic America

by Gad Nahshon

The timing of this illuminating new research is more than perfect. The new census 2000 demonstrated the idea that ethnic America is alive and well. And scholars will argue about the melt able groups vs. the undeletable groups. What about the Zangwillian idea of the melting pot?

James J. Zogby of Zogby International published a book entitled What Ethnic Americans Really Think or The Zogby Culture Polls. It is a collection of polls, a synopsis of the data of multi-ethnic America. In 94 tables, 72 pages, this distinguished polling firm did challenge many conventional notions and images in the scholarly field of ethnicity.

The research is based on the following groups: Italian (6% - 15 million); African American (12.5% - 30 million); Hispanic (12.5% - 35 million); Asian (3.6% - 10 million); Jews (2% - 5.5 million); and Arab (1% - 3.2 million). The Arabs: 56% Lebanon, 14% Syria, 11% Egypt, 4.5% Jordan and 9% Palestine.

Dr. Zogby wrote: 40% of the total population is ethnic America! Dr. Zogby revealed the following about the Jews:

The conclusion is that ethnic pride is alive. It is strong among those who suffered from discrimination. Also, ethnicity " most deeply felt among those who are most religious-observant in their respective communities" concluded Dr. Zogby.

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