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Jewish Property in Muslim Countries: $100 Billion

by Staff Writer

A group from Washington D.C. Justice for Jews from Arab Countries is demanding compensations amounting to $100 billion from Arab or Muslim countries because of loss of property or money by 900,000 Jews who lived there before 1948.

According to this new organization only 8,000 Jews live in Arab or Muslim countries today. In Libya, for example, only 6 Jews. Most of these Jews from Arab countries or North-African countries have made aliyah to Israel. Most of them left because of persecution and Muslim anti-Semitism. Arabs tend to blame Zionism for this reality, as if Jews were accepted in the Muslim world as citizens and not just as victims or Dahimi in the Muslim terminology. For example, just learn the history of Jews in Yemen.

This new organization approaches the issue from legal vantage point according to HA'ARETZ and its leader Stanley Urman. The issue of compensation was launched by many organizations or leaders such as Mordecai Ben-Porat in Israel, Dr. Heskel Haddad in the U.S.A. For example, they argued that Jews in Iraq left $2 billion in bank deposits. Jews owned a lot of land and real estate in Iraq. They lost everything in 1951, when they fled to Israel. Some fled to Great Britain.

Recently, American Sephardic Federation under the leadership of Leon Levy and Vivian Romani launched a special educational campaign in order to teach Sephardim, victims of Muslim-Arab countries, about their rights. So: Muslim countries such as Libya, Arab countries such as Iraq, must pay! I should note that the issue of compensation from these countries is relatively new on the Jewish agenda because Israel, for many years, wanted to cover it up fearing that the Arabs would produce their demand for compensation for their Palestinian refugees. Of course, it was Israel's illusion. Furthermore, there is not even one iota of moral equation in this issue. Since Jews in Muslim or Arab countries never ever declared war on their countries. They did not attack their regimes. They did not, like the Palestinians, murder children and women of their gentile counterparts. They were loyal to their countries!

The situation in pre-1948 Palestine was different since Palestinians declared war on the Yishuv and their goal then and today has been crystal clear: to dismantle Israel, the Zionist state.

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