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Jewish Jazz From Israel

by Gad Nahshon


They have played at the Israel Festival, Safed Festival, Tel Aviv Jazz Blues and Videotape Festivals. Recent concert tours have included Poland, Paris, Strasbourg, Carepentras, London, Sofia Jazz Festival and Prague. As to their records and CD's, we would like to mention the following: CD release - The first CD, The One You Can't See. An original jazz composition, was dedicated to the memory of their father, Major Arnon Livnat-Liebman, a pilot who was killed in the Six Day War. The second CD, Meditation of the Sad Soul, original music that was written to well-known poems. Jewish Jazz Live In Poland was recorded live at the Blue Note and Akwarium jazz clubs during a concert tour in Poland in May 2000. Songs of Revolution and Resistance interpreted in jazz style.

This is a program which combines video and live performance of songs and music based o themes of peace, brotherhood and hope. The songs come from various traditions of peace and freedom movements in the world and are from different periods in history. The songs and texts are in French, Hebrew, Yiddish and English and are arranged and performed within a jazz context which gives the musicians scope for improvisation. The material has been gathered during European tours in the last year which the brothers have undertaken.

Aviv Livnat pressed me to relate to one more aspect of the brother's life: devotion to every orphan child in the world and, of course, inside Israel. They established 'Raz-Ram', a special foundation whose goal is to enrich the artistic world of orphaned children and teenagers in Israel: Jews, Arabs and Druzes. The motto is 'Joining Hearts in Arts.' It is a model for many societies and is also a global Jewish agenda which should be supported by every concerned Jew in the Diaspora. This Raz-Ram is being supported by the Israeli government and by many celebrities such as Ambassador Gen. (Ret.) David Ivry.

One who gets to know the Livnat brothers, who grew up themselves without their hero father, one who gets to know their musical mission can figure out why they were the ones who established this important human foundation. "We adopt every orphan. We adopt orphanages. This is our love. We suggest a years project of art, theater, marionettes, singing, chorus, and stories. The children get involved, they become creative. Each one expresses his own wish. Often, it helps them to cope with their personal loss. We often use psychologists in our projects. This is our great mission: art, music, theater. We enrich the kids. We also build bridges among various groups or ethnic groups in Israel. We promote peace," explained Aviv, a man for all seasons.

The Livnat Brothers express the soul of the Jewish people, the soul of Israel and the quest for a better world.

For further information, contact: Golden Peacock Productions, Israel, Tel Aviv, Birenbaum Street No. 3, Tel/Fax: Israel 03-5467246, website:, email:

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