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Jewish Chaplains Deliver a 'Taste of Pesach'

While Jewish men and women in the United States military that are stationed in remote locations during Passover might be away from their families and community, they are not alone at this important time of year. Once again, the Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) Jewish Chaplains Council is distributing "Solo Seder Kits" for those individuals in the armed services that will be unable to attend a Passover Seder this year.

Each Solo Seder Kit gives the recipient a "taste of Pesach," and includes the essentials for a Passover meal and ritual supplies for individuals who cannot attend a Seder: Two cans of chicken soup with matzoh balls, one bottle of grape juice, two cans of gefilte fish, one package of matzoh, macaroons, and other kosher-for-Passover items. There is also a Haggadah, and a pamphlet about Passover produced by the JWB Jewish Chaplains Council.

Contributions received by the Women's Organizations' Services of the JCC Association helps underwrite the annual program. Individuals can show their support for our Jewish military personnel stationed overseas by helping to defray the cost of shipping the Solo Seder Kits. It costs $12 to sponsor one Solo Seder Kit, and individuals can add a personalized note for a serviceman or woman that will be included with the parcel.

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