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Israeli Folk Dance Festival

by Gad Nahshon

Dani Uziel is the uncrowned King of the Israeli Folk Dance movement in America. People pray: please, do not retire! He is the soul of Wednesday Israeli Folk Dance Club at the 92nd Y-Lexington. He is the dynamo of the annual Folk Dance Festival. The 51st one!! It takes place each year at the Martin Luther King High School. It is an important expression of American Jewish solidarity with Israel, especially this year when Israelis are being besieged by waves of Palestinian terrorist actions.

The Festival is a pageant of dance, music, songs as well as an Israeli fair. It took place on March 17 in Manhattan. The theme of this year was: 'United in Dance.'

The Festival radiates the unique soul of Israel. It touches its roots through dance and performances. I used to describe Uziel's nights at the 92nd Y as: "Israeli Island in Manhattan."

The event is organized by the Israeli Dance Institute J.N.K. and Bnai-Zion. The Institute is the brainchild of Ruth Godman, a veteran leader of the Israeli folk dance movement in America, an expert on this issue and a teacher at the 92nd Y together with Dani Uziel.

Dani Uziel and Ruth Godman are the directors of the Institute and their dedication to this cultural Israeli movement guarantees its success.

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