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Israeli Achievements in Qatar

by Gad Nahshon

Roni Milo, Israel's new Minister of Regional Development, participated with 143 nations at the World Trade Organization's Conference which took place in an Arab country at Doha, Qatar.

Milo headed an Israeli delegation of 22 people. The delegation had many achievements. Of course it is a pleasure to feel un-discriminated by Arab or Muslim countries.

Milo was very successful in his negotiation with many foreign ministers. He met with some ministers from Arab countries or North-African countries as well. In his address he stressed the need for open borders and direct relationship between Israel and its neighbors. Milo supported the W.T.O. idea of a need for market opening reforms.

Roni Milo had another achievement: His visit was covered by the Arab media. Indeed his leadership there contributed to promote the status of Israel inside the world economic community and especially inside the Arab-Muslim world. Israel, which has recently suffered the loss of its past diplomatic achievements in the Arab-Muslim or in North Africa (Morocco), is looking forward to Qatar establishing its first office of economic-interests in Israel. Israel needs, badly, this kind of precedent. By the way, in Doha, China became a new member of the W.T.O.

Roni Milo was a police minister and a mayor of Tel Aviv. He was a superb Likud leader but he left the party and joined 'Mercaz' a new party. Milo was a 'dovish Likudnik'. Recently he joined Arik Sharon's coalition. Last year, at Shamir's birthday party, Milo, a brilliant politician, told me: "At the end every one goes back to his home." Milo will probably return to the Likud, his original party.

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