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Israel Must Defend Itself Against Terror - "The Same as We Do in Afghanistan

by Gad Nahshon

Israelis are the true heroes of the war in the Middle East. They have to cope with the barbaric waves of terror targeting civilian populations. It is a new Israeli heroism and courage: "I saw it with my own eyes" stated Senator Hillary Clinton, fresh from her visit to Israel. She also remarked that Israel and its allies do not do enough, here or in Europe, to illuminate the expression of daily Israeli heroism in response to the massive terrorist attacks by Palestinian murderers who often behave like beasts or cannibals: "On my visit, I was lucky to meet an young Israeli medic, Yochai Porat, 26 years old. I learned that he was killed by a sniper at his military checkpoint. I was shocked and I called his mother to express my condolences," Clinton said.

He was among the 23 Israelis who were killed in two days of terror (March 2-3, 2002). Clinton said: "He devoted his life to help save the lives of others."

Senator Clinton said that Arafat is responsible for these waves of terrorism and that he still can stop them from taking place. She also expressed full support for the Bush administration fighting against terror and would like to see all the PLO's terror organizations on the American terrorist list.

Clinton stressed the fact that Israel can and must do anything to defend itself against terrorism: "The same as we do in Afghanistan." She also said that she does not have solutions to the reality in Israel. She understands the dilemmas. Senator Clinton pointed out that the American-Israeli relationship has been intensified, heightened and deepened for good since 9-11.

She explained that there are many reasons for this honeymoon but the most important basis for this love affair is the fact that Israel expresses, cherishes, and believes in the best of the American national values: "I visited a wounded soldier in Hadassah, Jerusalem. I was told this touching fact: The soldier's physician is a Palestinian. But I could not meet him because he, on the day of my visit, was stopped at an Israeli checkpoint..." said Clinton, exposing the complicated reality of this Israeli-Palestinian war.

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