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Israeli Arabs - 5.3 million and Palestinians - 22 million in the year 2050

by Staff Writer

According to the projections of the experts Sergio Dellapergula, Uzi Rebhum and Mark Tolts (American Jewish Year 3000, 2000) the total population of the Israeli Arabs in the year 2050 will be 5.3 million and the total population of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza will be 22 million! The total Israeli and Arab-Palestinian population between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River will be in 2050 an estimated 37 million people. One can assume the ramifications as to the various "carrying capacity" problems and the political confrontation in this region.

These projections are based on the assumption that the fertility rate will be stable in the coming years. But even if we assume that this rate will be reduced to the Israeli-Jewish one of 2.6-2.7, we still will be facing 3.7 million Israeli Arabs in 2050 and 11.8 million Palestinians or a total of 22 million people in this region. (West Bank rate - 5.7; Gaza - 7.4)

It should be noted that the Israeli Arab fertility rate is 4.6, even higher than in some Arab countries. It is an epitome to the fact that Israeli Arabs enjoy the success of the Israeli modernity and progress! One can assume that this gap between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs will shrink in the future. Indeed, the conclusions are shocking since the projections of 2050 are: Israeli Jews 8.23 million (10.558 in 2080); and Israeli Arabs 5.3 million (or 3.7 million if their fertility rate will decline to the Israeli Jewish one).

Will Israel face the emerging of an Arab majority in the year 2050? And will the country be encircled by 22 million Palestinians?

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