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Innovative Surgical Method for Hip Fractures that will Prevent Many People Throughout the World From Becoming Handicapped Each Year

by Staff Writer

The method, which has been recognized by the American FDA and the European Union, was developed by Dr. Yechiel Gotfried from Israel, who has been invited by medical centers from the United States and all over the world to instruct their physicians.

Dr. Yechiel Gotfried, a senior orthopedic surgeon in the Center for Joint Replacements and the Orthopedic Department in Israel's Bnai Zion Medical Center, Haifa, has been recognized during the recent annual meeting of the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons for the innovative surgical method he developed for hip fractures, which are crippling hundreds every year.

The phenomenon of hip fractures is becoming an "orthopedic epidemic" since they have become widely prevalent. In the United States alone, about 350,000 people are hospitalized annually as a result of these fractures. Existing surgical methods used throughout the world to bond these fractures are currently unsatisfactory, and 20% of the operations prove to be unsuccessful. Due to such a high failure rate, many people in Israel and around the world become permanently handicapped since they are no longer able to step or walk, and thus lose the use of their legs.

Dr. Gotfried developed a method to prevent these surgical failures, saving many people from becoming handicapped. His novel approach is based on an operation using two small incisions that do not expose the fracture, thus avoiding a wide surgical wound and operative trauma. Advanced bio-mechanical techniques that contribute to the immediate stability of the fracture are used, thus enabling immediate use of the afflicted leg. The sophisticated Israeli-made surgical tools prevent the collapse of the fracture following surgery.

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