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Holocaust Denier Denied

Calling the verdict against Holocaust denier David Irving "a repudiation of those who spuriously exploit the title 'historian' to mask their anti-Semitism," Phil Baum, Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress, today congratulated Deborah Lipstadt "for so courageously taking on...the genre of Holocaust denial." Irving had sued Lipstadt and her published in Britain's High Court for Libel after her book branded him a "Holocaust denier" and accused him of distorting the truth of what happened in Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Baum noted that the verdict "does not mean the end of Holocaust denial - that virus is too prevalent to be eradicated by one court decision. But it does announce to the world that those who dare deny the Holocaust have only an audience of anti-Semites and deeply disturbed individuals to respond to their rants."

"Irving's contemptible attack on the memory of six million Jews has now been decisively refuted," Baum said. "The Court's decision is a victory not only for truth, but for common decency as well."

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