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Hamas Spokesman: Iraq Must Establish a Suicide Army

An article titled "Iraq Will Triumph, by Allah's Will" by Hamas spokesman Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rantisi, was posted on the Hamas movement"s website. In the article, Al-Rantisi called on Iraq to establish a suicide army that would accept all Jihad warriors, so as to halt the impending attack on the country. The following are excerpts from the article:

The Western Crusaders Will Meet Their End Against the Islamic Nation

"I will maintain that in spite of the tremendous [military] Crusader buildup in the Gulf, the war on Iraq is not the most likely scenario, and that in the shadow of the venom of the blind Crusader hatred disseminated by Bush, all options are [still] open. But if war is at the gates, is the triumph of this Crusader oppressing aggression certain? I don't think so. I think that the West's arrogance will lead it to its sure end if it is determined to act with aggression and terror against the Islamic nation, and that its first defeat will be in Iraq."

"This defeat has several levels, the lowest of which is the failure to achieve the goals of the aggression, and the highest of which is the military defeat on the battlefield. In order for Iraq to achieve the great, longed-for victory, it must prepare all the strength it can for this battle.

The most important qualities of strength are: being helped by Allah, and truly and faithfully relying on Him."

"Iraq does not need the Arabs" help. The Arabs are helpless right now, and they think that the smartest thing for them to do is surrender. They cannot help themselves. How, then, will they help Iraq? "Those whom you call besides Him have no power to help you, nor can they help themselves" [Koran 7:197]."

Iraq Must Not Pin Its Hopes on Russia, France, and China

"Iraq must not pin its hopes on Russia, France, and China. These countries, in addition to those that cannot help Iraq, prefer their national interests to Iraq's interest. Had it not been in their interests that Iraq not be attacked, they would not [even] make the embarrassing moves [that they have]. We know that the aggression against Iraq is aggression against the interests of these countries. But they cannot save Iraq, and therefore Iraq must be helped by Allah."

"If [Iraq] does this, no force on earth can defeat it, whatever its strength. "If Allah helps you, none shall prevail against you" [Koran 3:160]. Know, our brothers in Iraq, that if you are not helped by Allah, you will be helped by no one. "If He forsaketh you, then who is it that can help you beside Him? It is in Allah that the believers should put their trust" [Koran 3:160]. Oh our people in Iraq, be proud of Allah, believe in his triumph, and trust in him. "Allah is sufficient for him who puts his trust in Allah" [Koran 65:3]."

The Enemies of Iraq Crave Life, While Muslims Crave Martyrdom

"Another quality of strength is will, free of all weakness or hesitation, and this is one of the qualities of our brothers in Iraq... If the Crusaders fail to break the will of the resistance of the Iraqi people and fail they will, by Allah's will. Allah is with the collective. "Allah loves those who fight in His cause arrayed in serried ranks, as though they were a strong wall..." [Koran 61:4]. Your enemies are gambling on sowing divisiveness among you so that it will be able [to exploit it] and conquer your homeland without it costing them anything. There will be among you those who will give the enemy help and will prefer their interests to the interests of the homeland. These people are not part of you; they are part of them [the enemy] "Whoso from amongst you takes them as helpers will indeed be one of them" [Koran 5:51]. The enemy's gamble of [relying] on them will undoubtedly be defeated."

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