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Exposing the Music of Hate

ADL's report, Bigots Who Rock: An ADL List of Hate Music Groups, focuses on rock-music bands in the U.S. and 33 other countries, mostly in Europe, that use hate-filled lyrics or have active links to organized hate groups. The report documents the roots of the hate rock movement and the involvement of the extremist National Alliance through its ownership of Resistance Records, the leading American hate rock record label and distributor. It includes the names of more than 500 hate rock bands, listed alphabetically and by country. Outside of the U.S., countries with the largest number of hate-rock bands are England, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Spain.

The report notes, "Mainstream hard rock bands may look and sound similar to hate rock bands, and a mainstream band may have a name similar to, or even the same as, that of a hate rock band... parents, educators, and other concerned adults must learn to tell the difference between bands promoting bigotry and those that merely appeal to teenage rebelliousness."

Bigots Who Rock is available on-line at

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