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Dr. Ezra Zohar: Is Israel Uncle Sam's Concubine!

by Gad Nahshon

When I received Dr. Ezra Zohar's new book: "A Concubine In The Middle East" (Gefen-Jerusalem, 1999) which was sponsored by 'The Ariel Center for Policy Research,' a message from Ariel whose mayor is Ron Nachman, I thought that I am going to enjoy a new 'Kosher Sex' kind of fiction. Where can you find a concubine today in our free world?

I must inform the readers that Dr. Ezra Zohar is a very serious scientist and political thinker. He belongs to a unique group of Israelis who really care about the future of Israel. Dr. Zohar is a leader in Israel's national camp. In the past he fought for 'greater Israel' against defeatism and against those who endanger the future of Israel. Furthermore, Dr. Zohar was Israel's prophet of privatization fighting against the Israeli socio-economic Bolshevism. Dr. Zohar is a respected personality with a high degree of moral integrity. Therefore, one cannot be surprised to find Yitzhak Shamir or the last Gen. Meir Zorea, an Israeli legend of personal honesty among his supporters. But this book, a discussion on American-Israeli relations, is only a journalistic summary of generally known information. Dr. Zohar used some documents and he used more articles in the Israeli press by people whose knowledge about U.S.A. or American Jewry is not professional. Dr. Zohar does not refer the readers to many new books which discuss issues such as 'Jewish power.' He is not familiar with new books about the relation of the Eisenhower administration to Jews and Israel. We know that F.D.R. loved the Saudis. It is an old fashioned issue: American Jewry and the dilemma of dual loyalty. What about the dual loyalty of Cuban-Americans? Dr. Zohar has to know that in this country 'ethnic pressure groups' in foreign policy have acted as legitimate pressure groups or lobbies.

Dr. Zohar tends to isolate Jews from the dynamic of the American Society. He does not discuss the role of Jews as a pro-Israeli lobby today. Of course, he was right to point out that Israel contributed to the advancement of the American interests. Israel is still a pro-American asset, but Dr. Zohar does not discuss the dynamics: the erosion of this asset's prestige and why. We know that America is a super-power in the new American century. We know about the posture of Pax Americana. The issue is of damage control. What can Israel do here in order to ease the pains, or to minimize the damage.

It is a mistake to say good-bye to American foreign aid, U.J.A., or to other Israeli-American fundraisings in this country. The issue is: How Israel is using the foreign contributions. Are they invested in building super-structure or not? Dr. Zohar did not discuss another issue: The intensive recent process of Americanization of the Israeli society and its culture. Indeed, it will explain why Uncle Sam can easily seduce the concubine and even rape her for his egotistic pleasure.

Dr. Zohar, like others, does not discuss the direct linkage between domestic and foreign situations. Israel today is being conceived by others as a problematic entity. Why? Just view its fragile structure of the executive branch. There is a detrimental law of direct election of Prime Minister. Just view the recent non-stop political scandals. Israel is being monitored not just by its enemies but also by its friends abroad.

Dr. Zohar does not even try to outline some options. Should we say good-bye to America and espouse China for example? Or the new Europe which gives birth to new neo-Nazi monsters? By the way, Austria is only one terrible problem. We cop out from another fact: In many Eastern European countries, the ones who were born in the post-Shoah era are those who carry the baton of anti-Semitism! The 'Jorge Hyder Affair' is only the tip of the iceberg.

Dr. Zohar's book can be used by those who do not have any idea about the course of the Israeli-U.S.A. relations: 1948-1998. For those who never learned about the way which the U.S.A. supplied arms to Arab countries.

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