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Dr. Boaz Ganor, Israeli Expert on Terrorism: "Arafat Always Controls the Posture of Terrorism"

by Gad Nahshon

Dr. Boaz Ganor, a distinguished Israeli expert on terrorism, counter-terrorism, and the field of the Israeli Arabs (or: Palestinians who reside in Israel) was the recent guest speaker of the J.C.R.C. meeting in N.Y.C. Dr. Ganor is the director of The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism which is affiliated with The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. It is a private university in Israel whose president is Prof. Uriel Riechman.

Ganor's Institute established itself as a prestigious international center of research and education. He himself served as a consultant to various Israeli cabinets but the Institute also served other foreign governments such as Russia. The center is a unique creative organization, a non-profit organization which is looking for your support because of the urgent need to develop non-stop dynamic counter-terrorism measures and terror became an issue in our global village. The Institute is a leader in these goals. It teaches democratic societies how to counter terrorism and how to contain its psychological impacts on our civilian life. This Institute has published useful material and run a website. (Tel: 972-9-9527277).

Ganor briefed the audience (J.C.R.C.-N.Y.C.) about the nature of the Palestinian terror. He stressed the fact that Arafat controls and manipulates this terror, the terrorism of the Hamas. In the past, many argued that Arafat was surprised, like the Israelis, by this terrorism. Perhaps, those who argued had wishful thinking, to ignore it, in order not to smear their concept of the 'peace process.' Ganor explained: "The Hamas is a well organized organization. It reflects the public opinion in the streets but who manipulated this populist public opinion? The Palestinian media. Who control it? Arafat." Ganor argues that the Hamas does have the capability to launch a terror attack every day. It is very easy to produce the bombs. The suicidal terrorists use very primitive means. But the Hamas needs 'motivation,' and Arafat controls it.

Dr. Ganor stated that Arafat always has believed in using violence as a means to achieve his goals. Ganor said that leaders such as the late Rabin gave in to this violence and even Bibi gave in. Of course, Arafat, a rational leader, increased or decreased the level of motivation for violence. When he liked it, he did counter his terrorism. For example, when he decided to go to America, to deal with ex-president Clinton, he reduced the level of motivation and indirectly prevented terrorism. How does Arafat control the Hamas? Ganor explained: "Very simply, he tells them if you go on you must cause a Palestinian civil war. That's his deterrence."

Ganor said that it was a mistake to go on with the peace process when Arafat uses terrorism as leverage: "Some Israelis called the leave the Gaza Strips's settlements. Rabin gave in. Bibi evacuated Hebron. Both gave in to violence. They acted in response to violence. Arafat learned that it brings achievement."

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