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Dorit Baxter: "The Anti-Aging Urban Day Spa"

Dorit Baxter has a message: To combat the process of aging. Baxter, who was born in Israel and never forgets to use its products such as Ahava and the excellent Dead Sea secrets, turned out to be an international skin care authority. She is a leading expert in the field of beauty and skin care. She managed to develop her unique exclusive system of skin care at the distinguished Dorit Baxter Day Spa.

An advanced and fresh approach to better skin for both women and men is now available at Dorit Baxter Day Spa, New York's original day-spa where Puff Daddy, John Travolta and Calista Flockhart are established clients. A new Japanese acupressure facial, the Miracle Glove Anti-aging Facial rejuvenates cell production by promoting blood circulation leaving the skin firmer and clearer.

Created with the assistance of scholars and scientists, this unique method combines the ancient study of acupressure with the modern principles of micro-current. The Miracle Glove has been proven to help diminish aging and wrinkled skin, decrease swelling due to water-retention and diminish dark circles.

As the Miracle Glove channels the flow of energy along the twelve main meridians of the body, a specially trained Dorit Baxter therapist performs established acupressure manipulations, thereby creating an environment where skin is lifted, sags are eliminated, fine lines disappear and the overall complexion is brightened. Used over time, before and after photo comparisons show years taken off the skin.

Dorit Baxter maintains a loyal following of New Yorkers and out-of-town clients and has been an authority in skin care for over two decades. A proponent in bringing a steady influx of cutting-edge skin-care techniques from around the globe, Dorit Baxter Day Spa introduced the Sonocare Ultrasound Facial, the Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub and the invigorating Sports Facial utilizing a warm mint-tea solution to soften bumps and a mask of thyme and kaolin to help reduce impurities and minimize pores. For more information, call 212-371-4542, 800-836-4542.

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