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Dore Gold at the Menachem Begin Bonds Leadership Awards:
"The Palestinians Ask For Too Much"

by Miriam Dichter

Israeli permanent representative in the U.N., Dr. Dore Gold, was the guest speaker at the Menachem Begin Bonds Leadership Award Ceremony which took place at the New York Hilton. (June 9, 1999). Gold himself was one of the winners of this prestigious award. Gold pointed out to the non-stop demands of the Palestinians who are using the salami tactics. Gold remarked that we tend to forget the past and now they ask for an application of the 1947 partition plan (Res. 181) and even going to discuss the Israeli rights to live in the west side of Jerusalem. The president of the Bonds, Gideon Patt, greeted the many celebrities who came to this successful dinner.

The following Bonds devoted activists were the recipients of the Begin's awards: Bernard Brickman, Rose Mattus, Lola and Jules Edelman, Susan Brown, Charles H. Hirsh, Efrem Jafee, Dr. Neal Lakritz, Dr. Gil Lederman, Sandi and Morton Povman, Hattie Segal, Dr. Bruce Metzger, Dr. William J. Schwartz, Louis Resnick, Morris Massry, Henry S. Taubenfeld, Joseph Wofchuck, Selma and Daniel Weiss, Robert P. Weiss, Mark A. Zborowsky, and Sanford Zeitler. The M.C. of this dinner was Howard Hirsch, the Bonds regional president.

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