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Dedication Ceremony Opens New Holocaust Museum

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani recently helped cut the ribbon to officially open the new Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial of the Holocaust in Manhattan. The Mayor joined the Chairman of the Museum, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau; Vice Chairmen George Klein, Senator Manfred Ohrenstein and Howard Rubenstein; Museum Director David Altshuler; Governor George Pataki; Senator Al D'Amato, Senator Patrick Moynihan and other distinguished elected officials and members of the Jewish community.

"The official opening of The Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, marks an important day in the history of the City," said Mayor Giuliani. "This Museum is unlike any other. It remembers the six million lives lost in the Holocaust and looks at the horrors with an unflinching eye, but at the same time it celebrates Jewish life with the understanding that the Holocaust is part of a story that ultimately resounds with life."

"There is no better place to remember the Holocaust and to celebrate the legacy of the Jewish heritage past, present, and future than New York City. We are home to more Jews than any city in the world, including the largest cities of Israel, and we are also home to more Holocaust survivors than any other city in the world. New York City has been blessed by the rich heritage and unparalleled creativity of American Jewish life, and this Museum is ideally positioned to reflect that history. Within its walls there is a testament about you and your legacy, about the sanctity of your lives, the depth of your suffering, and the magnitude of your triumph," concluded the Mayor.

The Holocaust Museum opened to the public on September 15 and it is located at 18 First Place, Battery Park in Manhattan. It consists of 3 floors -- one details the richness of the Jewish culture in Europe, prior to the Holocaust; one is devoted to the Holocaust; and one pays tribute to life after the Holocaust.

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