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Countering Missionaries in Israel

by Staff Writer

According to "Jews for Judaism" (Baltimore Tel: 410-602-0276), there is a new campaign by Missionaries such as "Jews for Jesus" to target the Israelis, inside Israel itself. Therefore, Jews for Judaism sent a delegation of experts recently to help Israel to counter this campaign. The reality is outlined: In addition to the recent opening of the first Jews for Jesus office, staffed by six fulltime Israeli missionaries, the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC; an international umbrella organization of more than Hebrew Christian Congregations and groups in North America and Israel) held its Annual "Believers" Conference in Israel, entitled: Kulanu K'Echad All of Us As One, June 22 - July 4.

In a recent letter to Christian friends and supporters, David Brickner, Executive Director of Jews for Jesus, writes: "Jewish people in Israel are open to hearing the good news of Y'shua (Jesus)... Young Jews in Israel are especially open... they're disillusioned by the violence and unrest... they're looking for real answers... our missionaries are overwhelmed with Jewish people who are interested! Many Christians think it's illegal to share the gospel in Israel. That's not true. All our missionaries in Israel are Israeli citizens who live there with their families. They can legally share the gospel." In Israel Jews for Judaism presented the following:

Presenting more than two-dozen educational programs in Hebrew and English to Rabbis, community leaders, synagogues and the leadership of major Jewish organizations including Hillel, Aish Hatorah, The O-U, and Root & Branch. The distribution of our highly acclaimed booklet "The Jewish Response to Missionaries: Counter Missionary Handbook" which has been translated into Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Over 185,000 copies have already been distributed worldwide. Meeting with government officials to explore options for dealing with deceptive missionary groups entering Israel illegally or dishonestly.

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