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Cooking for Passover is Now a "Piece of Cake"

For the novice or experienced cook, the Jewish holiday of Passover can result in hours spent hunting down recipes from friends and family, and scrambling through piles of cookbooks. Joan Kekst has now made cooking for Passover "a piece of cake" by collecting all you need in her new book, Passover Cookery: In the Kitchen with Joan Kekst.

Cleveland food columnist, lecturer, kosher cooking instructor, and passionate cook, Kekst compiled this indispensable guide in response to frequent pleas for help from those making Passover for the first time. Passover Cookery immediately puts you on the right track with explanations of the holiday, its requirements, customs, unique cooking ingredients, and the symbolic foods of the Seder table.

Kekst also provides a six week "Countdown to Passover" guide to help busy cooks and their families to break down their holiday preparations into easy worry-free steps for each week. By following these steps, even first timers will find it easy to create a "Kosher for Passover" home, with healthy, tantalizing, and meaningful dinners for all eight days of the holiday.

Whether your goal is to create a new and distinct feast or to reproduce the beauty and traditions of your grandmother's Seder, Kekst shares dozens of traditional and new recipes from her extensive private collection. She includes Sephardic and Askenazic ethnic specialties, dishes that can be made in advance of the Seder, foods children will love, and low-fat/low-cholesterol and vegetarian recipe suggestions. "Passover cooking doesn't need to be a daunting task. With the right information, it's easy to create a meaningful and personal celebration," says Kekst. "My goal was to cull that information into one easy, 'user-friendly' source."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan Kekst is passionate about Passover. Her family table has grown each Passover since her mother-in-law packed up the Passover pots, pans, and dishes and handed them over to Joan. Now over thirty guests join the Kekst family, their five children, spouses, and eight grandchildren annually. (Tel: 1-480-940-8182).

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