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Cell Phone Calls to Israel for 12� Per Minute

ConeXus, Ltd., a telecommunications service provider, announced that it has introduced CellularLD(tm), the company's low rate wireless long-distance service, to the New York Metro area. CellularLD(tm) enables wireless customers to place long-distance calls, both domestically and internationally, at a fraction of the cost of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and others - without changing cellular providers.

Utilizing ConeXus' proprietary dial-around technology, wireless customers can bypass their traditional wireless carrier, saving up to 50% on domestic long-distance and up to 90% on international calls, without having to change existing cellular plans. While the company's domestic rate - 7�/min. - is very attractive compared to industry rates of 15�-25�/min., CellularLD(tm)'s true value proposition is international calling. Most cellular providers either block international calls or charge prohibitively expensive rates. For example, a call to Israel is only 12� a minute to a landline. If it is to another cellular phone, the rate becomes 49� a minute. Compare this to AT&T who charges $2.88 a minute (with no plan) or $5.99 a month for 3 calls and every additional minute at 90�. Furthermore, CellularLD(tm) does not charge monthly fees or other connection charges that are often imposed by major industry carriers.

Leveraging ConeXus' reliable, high-performance private IP network and the company's strategic partnership with Genuity Solutions, Inc. of Burlington, MA, ConeXus network, wireless customers dial a seven-digit local access number than can be programmed into the speed-dial function on most cellular phones. ConeXus' proprietary technology works most like traditional residential dial-around services such as "10-10-321," enabling wireless users to circumvent their current carriers to obtain better rates. Residential dial-around services such as "10-10-321," however, cannot be used on cellular phones.

Customers can subscribe to the service on the company's web site, ConeXus offers an online account center, credit card billing, and 24-hour online and live customer care. They can also be reached at 617-264-9100 or by fax 617-731-0336.

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