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Britain: The Rise of New Anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is well and alive in Great Britain. Many Jews believe that 'It cannot happen here.' In Great Britain, in the 21st century, Britain had its share of anti-Semitism and neo or pro-Nazism (Oswald Mosely, for example), but it belonged to the past. Suddenly, Jews came across anti-Israeli waves of criticism. Even in the official B.B.C.!

And as we know, this wave promoted, indirectly, the rising of new hidden anti-Semitism. Of course, Muslims and Arabs carry the baton of hate. In Response, (Simon Wiesenthal Center's Magazine), one can find the following report:

British tabloids had a field day when the French Ambassador to the Court of Saint James was overheard calling Israel "that sh--tty little country" at a private reception attended by British elite, diplomats and media moguls. Far from apologizing, the close confidant to President Chirac had his embassy release a statement, condemning hostess Barbara Amiel for publicizing a "private comment."

The so-called "world Jewish conspiracy," has gone mainstream in the British press. A cover story in the New Statesman headlined "A Kosher Conspiracy?" featured a gold Star of David appearing to pierce a Union Jack. The story purported to assess Jewish influence in British politics. "That there is a Zionist lobby and that it is rich, potent, and effective goes largely unquestioned on the left," wrote Dennis Sewell. "Big Jewry, like big tobacco, is seen as one of life's givens." Journalists who dare to speak out against the "Zionist lobby," Mr. Sewell added, are harassed and eventually muted.

In fact, it is the Jewish community that is feeling increasingly under siege. In addition to increased hate crimes, one-sided attacks from the Left and outspoken Muslim opponents, now some Christian leaders question Israel's right to exist. Journalist Melanie Phillips reports that the Archbishop of Wales worries that opposition to Israel is no longer based on a particular policy but rather is motivated by anti-Semitism rooted in Christian theology known as "replacement theology." Simply stated, it reasserts medieval church doctrine that Jews have been replaced by Christians in God's favor and therefore any promises to the Jews - including their historic links to the Holy Land - lack any validity. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Middle East representative says his attempt to encourage reconciliation between the Palestinians and Israel have made him a target of vicious attacks saying he is "a Jew-lover and that [my] work is evil." One of the main proponents of "replacement theology" is the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, Riah abu el-Assal.

Of course, British public opinion condemns any form of anti-Semitism. Let's hope that this wave will die.

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