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At the Conference of Presidents, Bibi Netanyahu: "The USA Must Promote Democracy in the Middle East

by Gad Nahshon

Answering a question as to the future of the Israeli-Palestinian war, Israel's official emissary, Bibi Netanyahu, remarked: "In the near future when the war will be over the U.S. must launch a revolution in the area. As democratic revolution as the U.S. launched in the past in the ex-Soviet Union or in Europe. America should inject democratic values and dismantle Arafat's culture of death. They need new values. The issue is: who will stop the process by which Arafat is poisoning the minds of his people. The message is clear: you can not change the situation when Arafat is still there. We need to build a democratic infrastructure there," Bibi Netanyahu, Israel's ex-prime minister outlined in his vision. "Arafat must go. I do not want to kill him. We should deport him."

He also pointed out that we should not say that a new Israeli government without Sharon will bring peace: "Anyone who dealt with Arafat failed - Rabin, Barak and myself. He is the problem. Sadat behaved in a different way and signed agreements with Begin. Bibi was introduced by Malcolm Hoenlien, the Conference's Executive Director. He spoke about the war in the West Bank, praised President Bush, and insisted that there is no political solution to terror. Terror must always be uprooted. And never try to justify terror by all kinds of explanations such as 'they lost hope.' The Europeans should be ashamed because they ignore the Holocaust. "The Anti-Semites view Jews as Israelis and Israelis as Jews," said Bibi. "We are one nation, one people," Bibi, an expert of public relations, a brilliant spokesman for Israel, a 'star' of TV screens, came to the U.S. in order to challenge the terrible vacuum as to the needs of Israel.

It is a feeling here that the pro-Palestinian's propaganda is winning in the psychological war. Bibi (media, TV, internet) is a great asset in this important field. He went to Washington D.C. to fight for Israel in the media and in the Congress. Among the guests of this event which took place in the office of the Conference of Presidents in Manhattan were: Rabbi Amiel Hirsch, Rabbi Heskel Besser, Ron Lauder, Mort Zuckerman, Kolman Sultanik, Seymour Reich, and Abe Rosenthal.

At the end of his remarks, Bibi told the guests about his private, unforgettable experience: He visited the parents of an Israeli girl who was killed by a mad Jordanian soldier near the Jordan River during a class visit to the area of Neharaim, with the late King Hussein. The King, said Bibi, was crying and asked the parents for forgiveness. This was the humanitarian style of King Hussein, a legacy to follow in the road for a true peace.

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