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Argentinian Government Guidebook: Sholom Buenos Aires

by Gad Nahshon

"As the Ambassador of Argentine to this country, I am ashamed by the terrorist attacks and bombings (the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish Center of Argentine's roof organization of its Jewry). But I promise that my government will not cease to bring the criminals to justice," announced the Ambassador Hon. Guillermo E. Gonzalez at the official book party which took place at the Argentine Consulate of New York City.

Many celebrities and guests came to this ceremony. The Argentine's tourist ministry published a guide 'Sholom Buenos Aires' and with it has launched a new fresh tourism campaign. The guests listened to many speakers who outlined the beauty of Buenos Aires and the history of the Argentine Jewry and its enormous contribution to the success and well-being of Argentine Republic.

Among the speakers: Hon. Herman Lombardi, Secretary of Tourism of the Republic of Argentine, Hon. Anibal Ibarra, President of the Parliament of the city of Buenos Aires, Rabbi Daniel Goldman, Rabbi communidad Bet EL of Buenos Aires, Sergio Widder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center of Buenos Aires. The last speaker was the editor-producer of 'Shalom Buenos Aires' Elio Kapszuk.

All the speakers praised this guide which discusses Jewish history, religion, Jewish landmarks and can improve relations between Argentine and the world Jewry as well as Israel. On one hand, Argentine opened its gates to the Jewish refugees. Almost 500,000 Jews lived in Argentine in the 1940's. Jews developed a celebrated Yiddish culture and Zionist movements as well. Jews, with the help of Baron Hirsh's J.C.A. established small Jewish town and Jewish agriculture, but later in post-1945, this country opened its gates to the Nazi criminals such as Adolf Aichman. But today, Argentine is a great democracy who fights against Nazis and anti-Semites, as well.

The guests at the book party also watched a short documentary film about Buenos Aires and listened to the superb artists. Lerner and Moguilevsky who performed Jewish Klezmer music from Buenos Aires. Among the many guests were: Bob Abrahms, Marc Green, Dr. Israel Singer, Elan Steinberg, Rabbi David Lincoln, Shmuel Sisso, Mel Solberg, and Hariat Mandel.

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