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African-American/Jewish Seder

The Temple of Universal Judaism, Congregation Daat Elohim, and Mt. Ararat Missionary Baptist Church will co-sponsor a seder on April 22-the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday and the third day of Passover.

The seder, which celebrates Jewish flight from Egypt and slavery, will focus on common experiences shared by both communities. A ritual Haggadah will stress cultural bonds, and more than 300 participants will share the ritual Passover foods that recall the bitterness of slavery and the joys of freedom.

Tabbi Lippman of the Temple of Universal Judaism and Dr. Elliott Cuff of Mt. Ararat - who met in jail following a demonstration against the killing of Amadou Diallo - will lead the seder. Dr. Cuff and Mt. Ararat's choir participated in a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr./Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel commemoration at the Temple last January.

The Temple of Universal Judaism, which meets at the Park Avenue Christian Church, 1010 Park Avenue in Manhattan, is a liberal congregation dedicated to embracing diversity and has a special outreach to interfaith families.

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