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4,000 Made ALIYAH From NORTH AMERICA in 1995: 40% From NY, Only 30% ORTHODOX


4,000 Jews made Aliyah in 1995 from North America. It amounts to an increase of 15% in comparison to 1994. The executive director of Israel's Aliyah delegation in North America, Judy Amit, commented from her office in Manhattan, that only 30% of these olim are Orthodox Jews. "There is a commonly distorted image of these Jews: the majority of them tend to settle in Raaname or Kfar Saba rather than the West Bank."

As to the profile of the 4,000 olim:

  1. 10% are minors who will serve in the I.D.F.

  2. 85% are under the age of 50. Certainly, they make a significant addition to Israel's Jewish demographics.

  3. As to a professionals profile: most are lawyers, CPAs, teachers, computer analysts and physicians.

  4. As to the 'ecology' of the Aliyahs: 40% were Residents of Greater of New York; others had lived in Los Angeles and Toronto.

  5. Relatively, there are more olim from Canada than from the United States.

"It is a quality Aliyah. So, I, indeed, expect them to integrate into Israel of the 21st century" remarked Ms. Amit, originally an ola from New Zealand, an Industrial Psychologist and the first woman to have served as Executive Director, in house, of Israel's network of emissaries in North America.

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