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FEBRUARY 23 - MARCH 11, 1999



The Israel Film Festival 1999 line-up includes:


Dangerous Acts
Director: Shemi Zarhin
U.S. Premiere

An actress is confronted by the man who caused her entire family to be killed in an automobile accident. A strange bond forms when the man threatens to jump off a roof if she will not forgive him. Segments from the actress's current macabre musical are juxtaposed with the actress' real life in this dark psychological thriller. Winner of 7 Israeli Academy Awards including Best Director. (96 minutes)

Circus Palestina
Director: Eyal Halfon
U.S. Premiere

When an Eastern European Circus comes to the West Bank, it does more than just entertain, especially when its lion escapes on opening night. Brought together on a quest to save the lion are an Israeli soldier and a sensual female lion tamer. Through comedy, this film draws attention to the intifada and the struggles of both Israelis and Palestinians. Winner of 5 Israeli Academy Awards including Best Picture. (90 minutes)

Love at Second Sight
Director Michal Bat-Adam
World Premiere

Nina, a news photographer becomes infatuated with the image of a man she accidently captures on film during a tragic incident she is covering. A strange attraction draws her to his picture and she falls in love, obsessively searching for him despite warnings from her friends. Her sensitive relationship with her grandfather, who was a photographer and her mentor, parallels the story. (90 minutes)

Urban Feel
Director Jonathan Sagall
U.S. Premiere

Follows the lives of Robbi and Eva, who have been having problems with their marriage. They have a son, Jonah. When Eva's exlover arrives, it further unravels their already troubled marriage and causes them to question the value of love and family. Winner of the Best Israeli Film at the Haifa International Film Festival (105 minutes)

Family Secrets
Director Nitza Gonen
U.S. Premiere

Two adolescent cousins meet every summer at the home of their grandparents in Herzliya and discover love, sexual attraction and the forces of forbidden lust. They share a traumatic childhood secret surrounding the death of a mysterious uncle. Seventeen years later, they are reunited to settle an inheritance and are forced to confront their fears of the past. (92 minutes)

Chronicle of Love
Director Tzipi Trope
U.S. Premiere

A powerful groundbreaking film that penetrates the inner world of battered women and the demons controlling abusive men. A social worker counseling battered women has to face her own horror when she finds herself a victim of abuse. With the help of a patient, she confronts her own desperate situation. (90 minutes)

Super Boy
Director Hanoch Rosen
U.S. Premiere

After being injured in a traffic accident, a 10 year old boy acquires astonishing physical and intellectual powers when he is injected with a wonder drug. The film is fast paced action comedy for the whole family. (90 minutes)

Yom Yom
Director Amos Gitai

Set in Haifa, a 40 year old hypochondriac baker (played by Moshe lvgi), his wife, lover, doctor, parents and best friend face mid-life issues and search desperately for meaning in their lives in this offbeat comedy. Winner of the Jerusalem Film Festival's Wolgin Prize. (90 minutes)

Afula Express
Director Julie Shles
Back by Popular Demand

This crowd pleasing, warm romantic comedy, set against the background of a harsh and demanding reality of Tel Aviv, deals with love, magic and ordinary people who try to realize big dreams in the big city. Winner of 6 1997 Israeli Academy Awards (95 minutes)

Homage to Michal Bat-Adam and her Films:
Michal Bat-Adam's latest film, LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT, will be making its World Premiere at this years Festival.

There will also be special screenings of:

The Thin Line
Director Michal Bat-Adam
Special Screening

Michal Bat-Adam's second picture is a moving story about the relationship between an eleven year old girl and her mother. The story is seen through the eyes of the little girl who struggles for her mother's sanity against the insensitivity and cruelty of all surrounding them.

Director Moshe Mizrahi,
Starring Michal Bat-Adam
Special Screening

Women deals with the universal issues of love and jealousy, barrenness and the yearning for a child. It raises eternal questions: What is the true essence of love? What is the power of faith? Is it possible to live without love? Starring Michal Bat-Adam, directed by her husband, Academy Award Winning director Moshe Mizrahi. (96 minutes)

The Deserter's Wife
Director Michal Bat-Adam
Special Screening

Nina, a French pianist, prepares for her concert with the Israeli Philharmonic. When her husband, Ilan, returns injured from reserve duty, she must struggle to learn about his injury and his silence. In French and Hebrew. (86 minutes)


Director Eli Cohen
U.S. Premiere

This highly charged film was inspired by the murder of a taxi driver by two children from an affluent suburb of Herzliya. "Buzz" refers to the thrill experienced by two boys who bully other children and ultimately perform the horrifying act of murder. (88 minutes)

Love in the First Degree
Director Akiva Tevet
U.S. Premiere

When a detective is assigned to investigate a suspicious double murder, that is first thought to be a routine terrorist act, he begins doubting his marriage, has a risky affair with a key suspect, blackmails his superior and almost ruins his professional reputation as he obsessively attempts to solve the crime. A riveting police drama. (90 minutes)

With Rules
Director Dover Kosashvili
U.S. Premiere

Twelve year old Zaza steals money from his parents to buy a rare picture for his cherished "Wonderful World" album. When his father finds out, he puts his brother to trial and teaches both brothers a costly and dramatic lesson. (50 minutes)

Purple Lawns
Director Dina Zvi-Riklis
U.S. Premiere

When two secular and free-spirited women sharing a flat in Tel Aviv are forced to take in a roommate, they choose a mysterious, ultra-orthodox woman. The three develop a unique friendship. When they find out about the new roommate's tragic past, they try to help her and find themselves caught up in her scandal. (57 minutes)

What Now?
Director David Noy
U.S. Premiere

This very entertaining pseudo-documentary chronicles the fictional life of one man born on the same day as the independence of the State of Israel. Both Israel and the film's hero experience the frustration and confusion typical of a midlife crisis. (51 minutes)

Director Asher Tlalim
U.S. Premiere

Hitchhiking separately, an Arab, a pierced renegade girl and a soldier, all get a car ride from a toy salesman from Haifa to Tel Aviv. The very familiar route evolves into a journey of smiles and tears as the passengers reveal what is on their minds and in their souls. (50 minutes)

The Shadow of Your Smile
Director Eitan Anner
U.S. Premiere

Deep in a military bunker, Bat, a young Israeli soldier, falls in love with Yerah, the voice of a female soldier he hears over the forbidden underground military radio network. Will Bat succeed in discovering Yerah's true identity and arrange a meeting in the real world? (47 Minutes)

Short Stories of Love: Three Stars
Director Hagai Levi
U.S. Premiere

In a dark film noir atmosphere amidst the under belly of society, two ex-lovers reunite in Budapest on Yom Kippur, 1997. After a long nights journey, Daniel and Noa try to rekindle old passion while struggling with their present lives in this story of true love, sin and retribution. (50 minutes)

Short Stories of Love: Domino
Director Ori Sivan
U.S. Premiere

Painfully regretting a major mistake in her past, Alianna sees a very unique psychologist with supernatural powers who makes her an offer. Alianna will be sent back in time to correct her mistake at the price of losing years off her life. (50 minutes)

Kalinka Maya
Director Eitan Londner
U.S. Premiere

Two men from Tel Aviv go to Jerusalem with hopes of a romantic meeting with two Russian women who have significant cultural differences.


A Prime Ministers Schedule
Director Shahar Segal U.S. Premiere Moments from the everyday, public and private life of Yitzhak Rabin, just before his untimely death, are woven together revealing the intimate story of a man who brought the hope of peace to his people and their neighbors. (80 minutes)

Director Iris Rubin
U.S. Premiere

A very rewarding film of three Sephardic women who discover deep fulfillment through a local community center drama workshop. Their transition as performers are accompanied by inner doubts and struggles with their husbands who are forced to confront their newly independent wives. (55 minutes)

My Own Daughter
Director Mooly Landsman
U.S. Premiere

Sivan, a 22 year old kibbutznik, struggles with disturbing memories of her father who sexually abused her. After seeking professional help, she decides to sue her father and take a stand against him. This painful journey into her incestual past is artfully revealed in this powerful film that stays with you long after you leave the theatre. Winner of Best Documentary during the 1998 Israeli Academy Awards. (50 minutes)

Fifth Commandment: Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Director Shimon Azulay
U.S. Premiere

When the director's brother becomes religious, the delicate fabric holding his family together begins to unravel. His parents fight to remain united in spite of the enormous gap that exists between their children. A tribute to compassion, tolerance and understanding for the sake of family. (45 minutes)

Director Ilan Yagoda
U.S. Premiere

When the director returns to Kibbutz Megido after being gone for 17 years, he meets refugees from the area who still debate the fair ownership of the land. At first glance, the Arabs and Jews seem like two different groups, but both are deeply connected to the same land. (52 minutes)


Basic Training
Director Uri Barbash
U.S. Premiere

Filmed in authentic locations, this series follows a group of draftees as they trade the comforts of civilian life for the rigors of military training, preparing themselves and forming important bonds for the ultimate challenge of frontline service. Two episodes show early basic training, then surprise battle with well paced civilian flashbacks. (2 episodes  50 minutes)

Director Eytan Fox
New York Premiere

One of the most popular television series among 20-somethings, Florentine revolves around the lives of a former Kibbutznik, a Russian Immigrant, a renegade from an Orthodox family and two openly gay men. Gay and straight relationships are portrayed with equally steamy frankness. (180 minutes)

Sea of Tears
Director Ron Chachlili
U.S. Premiere

Filmed in Tel Aviv's central bus station during the hot summer of 1997, this television series tells the tale of the rise and fall of middle eastern oriental music in Israel during the 60's, 70's and up until the present. (2 Episodes  50 minutes each)

David's Tales (A Spin-Off of "Batyam New York")
Director Yosi Madmony and David Ofek
U.S. Premiere

These two hysterical episodes feature David, a bumbling wedding photographer and comic figure who tries to con everyone he meets. In another episode, he gets cast by accident to act in an ultra-successful night surveillance as a dangerous terrorist. (60 minutes)

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