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110 Kosovars Get Warm Welcome In Israel

Scant hours after they were huddled in tents with thousands of other refugees in Brdze camp outside of the Macedonian capital of Skopje, 110 Muslin refugees arrived in Israel on Monday, The Jerusalem Post reported. The 17 families waved Israeli flags amid a warm welcome led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

The fact that the refugees' arrival occurred shortly before the start of Holocaust Remembrance Day was underscored by the presence among the newcomers of Lamia Jaks, the daughter of Righteous Gentiles Dervish and Servet Kurbut of Kosovo, and her husband Vlaznim.

Lamia's parents saved both Jews and religious texts during the Holocaust. Davor Berkowitz of Neveh Ilan, whose mother was saved by Lamia's parents who hid her at their home, was on hand for a tearful reunion.

"You arrive on a very special day for the Jews of Israel," Netanyahu told the newcomers. "Today we are closing a great circle in that the State of Israel, which emerged from the ashes, gives refuge to the daughter of those who saved Jews," he said. "I think this symbolizes the miracle of rebirth."

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