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Letter to Editor

Wrongfully Accused

Dear Editor:

Mrs. Arafat, with unbelievable chuptzpah, falsely accused Israel of poisoning Arab water, which then caused cancer among Palestinians.

This outrageous lie has to be condemned, not only because it is a life, but because it continues and fosters hatred among the Palestinians for Israelis and Israel. The existing hatred is deep enough without Mrs. Suha Arafat inventing new non-existent hatred.

We know what hatred of one group for another will do. Witness the tens of thousands of people that dies in Bosnia or the hundreds of thousands of Tutsis that were slaughtered in Africa. Every country, every group, every religion knows the evils of hatred when it is goaded and prodded to explode.

Such untruths are dismissed by educated, reasonable people but will never be dismissed by many Palestinians because such lies are continually created. The distortions the Palestinian leaders continue to inject into schoolbooks is also designed to perpetuate a false mind set that will be lifelong among Palestinian children.

We have to ask ourselves do we want a country created with such an intolerant mind set?

Yale J. Berry, M.D.
Brookline, MA

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