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To: Jewish Post Readers:

The following letter begging for Jewish books and items was sent by members of the Shinlung/Menashe tribe who are converting to Judaism with the help of Rabbi Elijahn Avichail, Jerusalem.

These are not just people written about in articles and books; this letter personalizes them and their desire to return to their Jewish roots.

If you can donate any of the items they have asked for, please let me know, I would be happy to pick them up.


Barbara Shair, Outreach Director
Amishav, USA
PO Box 78
Pomona, NY 10970-0078
Tel. 914 354 7223
Tel. 914 362 0547
Fax 914 354 7223

Dear Mrs. Shair:

Our community could use the following item:

  1. Jewish prayer books in Hebrew and English.

  2. Books to learn Hebrew (Beginner Level)

  3. Books in English that explains the Jewish religion, Jewish holidays Jewish practice of marriage, death, etc.

  4. Jewish books for children.

  5. Skull caps, prayer shawls, and mezuzah, etc.

If you could kindly send these items, we will appreciate it very much. Please send these items by registered mail, and please indicate outside the parcel: Religious articles/books. No foreign exchange is involved.

We thank you very much for your kind help.



T. Hangshing, IAS (Retd)
Lenchonghoi Veng
Kangpokpi - 795129
Manipur, India

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