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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Their Mom was not a typical kibbutznik. She had been born in England, and had then moved to Canada. While she was there, she met her husband Tuvia, a member of Kibbutz Metsuva. They fell in love. She converted and they married, and moved back to the kibbutz 20 years ago. Unlike some converts who merely go through the motions, their Mom Lynn actually took a sincere interest in Judaism and spent time studying. Even stranger, their kibbutznik Dad followed the lead of their Mom and took an interest in religion. Their Dad had become Orthodox observant; on their kibbutz some people regarded this strange as if a football player danced ballet. But never mind. This was how they lived.

They were four children. Two were on their annual class trip in the south. It took the kibbutz a while to track them down with the news. Their mother and sister had been murdered by Hizbollah terrorists who had been invited in to the country by Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres. The Mom and their 15 years old sister had just driven over to a neighboring kibbutz. They were murdered in cold blood.

Haifa, Israel

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