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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

1. Haaretz this morning reports a growing wave of complaints from senior military personnel complaining that they have been hamstrung by Shimon Peres, who refuses to allow the IDF to retaliate for Hizbollah shelling of Israel. Before 1948 one might have been able to make a strategic argument for Israeli Christianity, that is, turning the other cheek and making moral public relations points with the world be playing out the role of victim, gaining sympathy. But what possible role does Peres' pacifist Christianity serve today on the Northern border?

Other than encouraging Arab intransigence by proving that Israel is weak, and the Jews - like Paul McCartney's band - are on the run.

2. Well, now the Shamgar Commission has lent its own official hand in covering up Ayalgate, having refused to investigate the role, activities, and orders of Shin Bet (General Security Services) plant Avishai Raviv in the Ayal group and his role (if any) in the Rabin assassination and in the Nixonian dirty tricks Ayal performed to discredit the democratic Opposition to Lemminghood.

Ok, well, the following is NOT from some West Bank settler rag, nor from settler radio Arutz 7, nor from Kahanists. It is from the London Observer.

The London Observer, also quoted in today's Haaretz, has an explanation for what happened, based - they claim - in part on the secret unpublished sections of the Shamgar report, as well as interviews with a senior bodyguard from the Shin Bet since retired. Hold on to your streimel!

The London Observer claims that the Shin Bet was under direct orders from the very top of the government to prepare a staged fake assassination attempt on Rabin. This was supposed to perform two purposes: test the alertness of the Shin Bet, but also stimulate political sympathy for the Lemmingrat and for the Oslo "peace process" by besmirching the dissidents and the Opposition with guilt for an attempted assassination.

This, says the Observer, is why the bodyguards yelled out "Blanks, Blanks". The Observer conjectures that Yigal Amir knew of this plan for a staged attack and exploited it for his own purposes.

The London Observer also claims that General Dani Yatom was in on the plan to stage an assassination attempt, and that one reason for his just having been appointed head of the Mossad last week was to assure his silence on Ayalgate.

And no this is no April Fool's prank posting.

Dr. Steven E. Plaut
Graduate School of Business
University of Haifa, Haifa Israel

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