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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Why is the opposition to Bill Clinton within the Democratic Party -- those who wish to get rid of the crypto-Republican planted at their head -- banned from appearing on American television? Why are only Republican aspirants for the Presidency, exclusively rightwing Republicans, allowed to reach national audiences?

Answer: Because all of American free television with national scope has been seized by the likes of General Electric, Westinghouse, Disney and Rupert Murdoch. The giant corporation agenda has become the sole agenda. Even the Public Broadcasting Systems has been purged of temperate Robert MacNeil, reducing the News House to Republican softball pitcher Jim Lehrer -- a guaranteed development now that every program begins with "Thanks" to Exxon or "Thanks" to AT&T or "Thanks" to ADM. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Clinton, our domestic Gorbachev, surrenders 200 years of gain by the non-rich in America, and devastatingly compromises our personal economic security, our environment, and our public assets as the voices of Thomas Jefferson's and Franklin Roosevelt's and John Kennedy's followers are stilled within the world's oldest political party.

With theater such as the macabre pre-scripted Gingrich- Clinton budget dance, the Slick One from Arkansas is fraudulently portrayed as the defender of the very people he has been bashing for three years. Demonstrators are told: "He is your choice." "The overt Republicans are even worse", but does the Democratic Party pub up so much as a semblance of resistance to anti-people horrors when it is our own leader who is selling us the Republican goods?

Europeans have a man for the state of economic-political affairs into which we have fallen, where all national decisions are dictated by private corporate monopolists to whom a servile puppet government is beholder: The Europeans call it fascism.

Stephen Wohl

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