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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

We need the help of your readers because we are putting together the first ever "Guide to Jewish Discussion Groups" so that people can share their ideas and experiences of what works and what doesn't work to create a stronger sense of community.

If any reader belongs to a book group, havurah, prayer group, Rosh Chodesh group, adult education study group, or other Jewish discussion group, PLEASE SEND US YOU NAME, ADDRESS AND E-MAIL (if available) so we can send you a very short set of questions and get your suggestions on what makes Jewish discussion groups successful or less-than-successful at dealing with diverse interests, selecting topics, lagging involvement, people who interrupt, conflict resolution, and ways of keeping the group committed and satisfied.

Our goal is to put together a useful guide for strengthening Jewish community. When we compile all the suggestions from groups like yours, we'll offer it free of charge to help Jews nationwide to exchange ideas and resources.

Please contact Leonard Felder, Ph.D., 2566 Overland Ave., Suite 780, Los Angeles, CA 90064, or on the internet.

Leonard Felder, Ph.D.

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