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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Never again should There is a 55:1 population ration between the United States and Israel. In other words, the U.S. has 55 times the number of people in Israel. Recently in Tel Aviv, 18 Israeli were killed and 86 were wounded by a suicide bomber (that number may very well increase). That would translate to 980 people killed and 8,720 wounded if a proportionate attack had happened in America.

Could someone please tell me how they think Mssrs. Bush, Powell and Mitchell would respond if such an enormous tragedy happened here? Would they use restraint as they suggest of Israel? Would they declare a 'unilateral cease fire' against the perpetrators as they suggest of Israel? Or would they use 'excessive and disproportionate' force in retaliation, a response from which they urge Israel to avoid? Could they even imagine such a nightmarish event? I think not.

Stop the devastating double standards Mr. Bush! You have really no idea about the Middle East. Stop pressuring Israel to exercise your suggestions when they are forced to deal with barbarism on a daily basis. Stop issuing condemnation statements and stop blaming both sides. In the days thus far following Israel's unilateral cease fire, it has faced 150 terrorist attacks! Dozens have been killed and wounded! Do everybody a huge favor and let Israel deal with its enemies as it sees fit.

Kenneth J. Heller
American for a Safe Israel

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