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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor;

In a letter in your recent issue Harriet B. castigates the Orthodox for failing to appreciate the value of diversity, by building walls of separate Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism.

Once and for all let us understand that diversity is only a virtue if it includes constructive and positive elements. Diversity is not a virtue if it includes destructive elements. A diversified diet should contain meat, fruit and grain. It should not include a little arsenic, botulism toxin and sulfuric acid.

There have been numerous break-off sects from Torah (Orthodox) Judaism throughout history and they have all seemed to their adherents as a great new enlightenment and subsequently they all eventually disappeared, causing much havoc and destruction in their wake.

A solid Torah-loyal Judaism, supremely dedicated to Jewish education, Jewish tradition, Jewish pride and Jewish ideology, morals and values is necessary for the survival of Judaism. Recent media coverage of "The Disappearing Jew" will bear this out.

Visit a large Orthodox Yeshiva and you will see Hassidim, Sefardim and Litvish boys joined together in wonderful comradeship. Observe the beautiful diversity of some with long side curls and black caftans, others with designer suits and ye others with nondescript casual wear growing up together in mutual love, respect and compassion.

If instead of raising a banner of revolt, Harriet B. would go and associate with Orthodox women, she would find herself most welcome and loved. She would also gain a much greater appreciation for the beauty and sublimity of her heritage.


Joseph Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

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